How To: Make Vegan Eggs — A Case For Plant Based

A Case For Plant Based
4 min readSep 24, 2021

Welcome to our how-to series! Where we’ll break down all of the how-to musts for plant based cooking and vegan living. Today, we’ll continue with how to make vegan eggs. 🌱

Yes, vegan eggs do exist! And, they’re absolutely delicious! You may even be surprised to learn that since going plant based, I’ve eaten vegan eggs benedict, breakfast egg casseroles, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and everything in between! Read on to see. 😍

Why Vegans Don’t Eat Eggs

Eggs seem perfectly harmless, right? Wrong.

In fact, egg-laying chickens endure a life of excruciating pain, abuse, and severe neglect.

But free range chickens are fine, right? Wrong.

Per USDA guidelines, that simply means that chickens have been “given access” to the outdoors. And this “access” is normally a very small door leading to a small concrete enclosure. In fact, most chickens never see the light of day throughout their entire life. Free range or not.

You can read more about this here.

How to Make Vegan Eggs

There are actually a number of different ways to make vegan eggs. The most popular way is by utilizing tofu. Mixing chickpea flour with water also creates a batter that, when cooked, resembles scrambled eggs. My personal favorite way is with tofu. (I prefer firm tofu for scrambled “eggs.”)

A variety of vegan egg substitutes can also be purchased in many different grocery stores and supermarkets. Some come in liquid form (such as Just Egg), while others come packaged in powder form (such as Follow Your Heart). You will find most of these in the refrigerated section.

Just Egg recently released their “folded plant eggs” which are great for breakfast bagels. These can be found in the freezer section. (I got mine at Whole Foods).

Just Egg is my personal favorite brand. In my opinion though, it’s just as tasty (and more budget friendly!) to make your vegan eggs from tofu.

For those with soy allergies, you have plenty of options too! Try eggs made from chickpea flour (also gluten free!) or brands such as Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Egg Replacer.

Also, just make sure the egg substitutes do not contain eggs or dairy. If possible, it’s always easiest to stick with vegan-specific brands (such as Follow Your Heart.)

Plant Based Egg Recipes

Now for the good stuff! Before going plant based, I was never really that fond of eggs. But now, I actually crave vegan eggs! I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. 😋

Tip: for scrambled tofu eggs, I either crumble by hand or use a pastry cutter to break it up into smaller chunks. I also use my food processor for many of the casserole recipes.

Use the spice kala namak for that distinct “eggy” taste. Kala namak, also called Himalayan Black Salt, is an Indian salt that acquires its flavor naturally from sulfur. It can be found in most Asian grocery stores or online from Amazon.

Get creative and add a wide variety of vegetables, beans, and grains to your scrambles! 🤗

These were so, so good! 😍

Omelettes and Breakfast Burritos

Bakes and Casseroles

This was also really, really good. I used Tofurky brand vegan ham.

So much Vegan Deliciousness!

If you would like even more vegan breakfast recipes, be sure to check out:

For more amazing vegan egg recipes, be sure to check out my Pinterest board.

Have you tried vegan eggs before? What kinds? Which recipes are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to follow my social media this week for lots of vegan egg deliciousness! 😋

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