Dr. Bronner’s: The Ultimate All-In-One — A Case For Plant Based

A Case For Plant Based
6 min readSep 25, 2020

It may sound like I’m an affiliate of or spokesperson for Dr. Bronner’s. I assure you, I am not. Just a supporter and advocate for their products. Dr. Bronner’s truly is the ultimate all-in-one.

Founded in 1948, it was the mission of Emanuel Bronner to make “socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality.” Dr. Bronner was leaps and bounds ahead of his time!

Dr. Bronner’s products are certified vegan (with the exception of their lip balms and body balms, which contain organic beeswax). Their products also carry the leaping bunny seal, meaning they are certified cruelty-free and not tested on animals. All products are certified organic and non-GMO. In addition, products are Fair for Life: a certification guaranteeing fair trade.

Additionally, it is the company’s policy to run their business more sustainably and decrease their carbon footprint. They are actively finding new ways to reduce waste, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, Dr. Bronner’s also exclusively uses 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The company is the top selling natural soap maker in North America. In fact, last year one bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap was sold every 2.04 seconds.

Dr. Bronner’s is dedicated to activism, community service, and giving back, as well as advocacy for animal rights and human equality. They not only pay employees fairly, but offer health benefits to all of their employees as well. And, the company offers free 100% plant based lunches every day at company headquarters for their 200+ employees.

Palm Oil

What exactly is it and why is it so bad? Palm oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the fruit of specific types of palm trees.While it is a very versatile product and efficient crop, it is a large contributor to deforestation. Also, many issues still remain with exploitation of workers and child labor.

In addition to the issues listed above, palm oil is high in saturated fat. And palm oil is in nearly half of all packaged products you find in the grocery store.

While Dr. Bronner’s does use palm oil, it is responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced.

Hemp Oil

Dr. Bronner’s products contain hemp oil, which acts as a great moisturizer and provides a smoother lather in soaps. (If you’ve ever used skin care products containing hemp oil, you know how amazing it is!)

(Also worth noting, hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil).

Hemp is cannabis that contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It does not give you a high and rarely has negative side effects.

Hemp had to be imported from Canada until it was removed from the Controlled Substance Act in the United States. Farming of hemp was legalized in the U.S. in 2019, and in June of this year, Dr. Bronner’s announced that 100% of its organic hemp seed oil is sourced from the United States.

* Note: Dr. Bronner’s products are available at many major retailers (such as Target), health stores (such as Whole Foods and Natural Grocers), and online through their website. (I have provided the links to each of these products). Happy shopping! 😉

This castile soap is biodegradable, versatile, and effective. It is highly concentrated, so be sure to follow the dilution recommendations.

Liquid soap and bar soap scents:

I personally love the peppermint and citrus scents. I use the unscented most often and add a few drops of essential oils to make my own cleaner.

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is extremely versatile and can be used a number of different ways.

Some of the ways I have used it and really like:

  1. Hands/Face/Body Wash
  2. Makeup Removal
  3. Mopping floors
  4. All-purpose Cleaning Spray
  5. Toilet Cleaner
  6. Washing Dishes
  7. Laundry
  8. Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Also, Ellie is due for a bath, so I’m anxious to try Dr. Bronner’s castile soap as a dog wash next! (Wish me luck-this girl hates baths! 🙄 )

Other vegan products by Dr. Bronner’s:

Keeps skin nourished, hydrated, and smooth.

Nourishes and hydrates skin with natural ingredients, such as jojoba, coconut, hemp, and avocado organic oils.

I use the peppermint lotion, and absolutely love it. My skin feels soft, silky, and well hydrated without feeling oily. I also find the peppermint smell to be incredibly calming and relaxing.

Containing no artificial colors or flavors and utilizing natural ingredients to clean and whiten teeth, I really like this toothpaste. I was not a fan of the peppermint, but loved the spearmint.

I have never used a liquid soap for shaving before, but I’m sold. It’s a very runny liquid, so I was a bit skeptical at first. However, it goes on well, and gives you a close shave with no irritation. My only complaint is the packaging needs a better design, because it can get messy.

The lemongrass lime is probably one of my favorite scents ever. 🌱 Highly recommend!

A leave-in conditioner for moisturizing and styling hair.

All natural and no harsh chemicals.

In keeping with the philanthropy mentality at Dr. Bronner’s, 2% of their hand sanitizer production is donated to non-profit organizations delivering supplies to at-risk communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

A concentrated hard-surface all purpose cleaner. A stronger formula than the castile soap, Sal Suds is perfect for those tougher cleaning jobs.

I have used Sal Suds a number of different ways, and it is a great product to have on hand for the most difficult cleaning and laundry jobs.

Jolana Watson is a public affairs and media relations associate at Dr. Bronner’s. Per the email I received from her: “While the pure castile liquid soap is safe to use on all surfaces (such as granite), Sal Suds is not recommended due to the high citric acid content.”

Non-vegan products (contain organic beeswax):

Beyond the Products: Dr. Bronner’s truly is an all-in-one

The products we put on our bodies and the ingredients we expose ourselves to on a regular basis is very important. But it goes beyond that. There are many other factors we must consider when purchasing merchandise.

What toll is this product taking on the environment? What toll is the manufacturing process taking? Is this product harming the oceans? Are animals being harmed, killed, or tested on? How sustainable is it overall? Is this particular company giving back?

All things worth considering. We should go beyond just finding products we like; we need to purchase products from companies we believe in. For me, that’s Dr. Bronner’s.

As their website says:

“Dr. Bronner’s is the very best for human, home, and Earth.”

Which Dr. Bronner’s products do you use? What are some different ways you have used the Pure Castile Liquid Soap? Let me know in the comments below! 💚

Originally published at https://acaseforplantbased.com on September 25, 2020.