Bamboo: The Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Plant | A Case For Plant Based

Facts about Bamboo

  • bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth
  • it is actually giant grass, not a tree
  • there are approximately 1,500 different species of bamboo
  • bamboo is a very adaptable plant and grows quickly
  • on average, it grows 2 ¾ inches per day (and as much as 13–36 inches per day), depending on species and climate.
  • reaches maturity in 1–5 years (compared to hardwood trees which mature in 30–40 years)
  • bamboo grows all over the world, in all different climates
  • it is edible (and not just for pandas!)
  • the development of bamboo reduces pollution and purifies the air up to 30–35% more effectively than any other plant
  • it is strong and durable (some bamboo poles are even stronger than steel)
  • bamboo is a flexible building material
  • zero waste: every single part of the bamboo can be utilized in some way
  • bamboo is a natural antibacterial and antifungal

Why is Bamboo so Sustainable?

But Beware…

Uses for Bamboo

  • construction
  • furniture production
  • paper making
  • household items
  • textiles
  • pharmaceutical applications
  • food consumption

Bamboo: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly



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