40 Lifestyle Changes to Help the Environment — A Case For Plant Based

Climate Change

  • Increased burning of fossil fuel (such as coal, natural gas, and oil)
  • Increased methane production (especially from livestock)
  • Deforestation (especially for raising livestock and growing livestock feed)
  • Use of fertilizers

Our Actions Have Consequences 🌏

Changes We Can Make to Help the Environment 🌍


  • Adequate insulation
  • Seal drafts in windows and doors
  • Change HVAC filters routinely and perform scheduled maintenance (more dirt means more work for your heating and cooling system)
  • LED light bulbs use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer
  • Energy-Star certified appliances use 10–50% less energy
  • Don’t leave shower water running
  • Don’t leave water running when brushing teeth
  • There is no need to pre rinse dishes before putting in dishwasher
  • Shower instead of bathe (in general, taking a shower uses less water than taking a bath)



  • Plan meals
  • Freeze fruits and vegetables before they go bad


Health and Beauty




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